Friday, February 19, 2016

"Weird Songs I've Heard in Japanese Stores and Restaurants"

First of all, I just tried to spell "Restaurant".
I never realized how hard it was to spell that word.
Does the "u" go before the "r" or  after. I know it's in there somewhere.
I just realized how much my English is slipping:

Okay, I want to begin a new running segment on this blog called "Weird Songs I've Heard in Japanese Stores and Restaurants."

To begin, I remember telling you about the time I heard a Muzak version of "The Never Ending Story Theme song in a grocery store.
That's right, this song:
Another funny grocery store story is hearing The Ghostbusters Theme, followed by Milli Vanilli.
This song....and it was a jam:

Now let me take you to the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in McDonald's in Japan.
First off, McDonalds in Japan is very nice.
Working at McDonalds is actually a very good, and well respected job. I asked my girlfriend and she said it would actually be a complement to put it on your resume.
And the McDonald's themselves are very nice inside, some even two or three stories, and they have their own cafe.
Also, a fun thing to know about Japan, because people don't understand English that well, it is not uncommon to be listening to the radio and hear a song with many cuss words in it.
That being said, here is the most ridiculous song I've ever heard in McDonalds yet.
R Kelly's "Marching Band"
I dare you to listen to the lyrics closely:

Now let me take to a place that is very popular in Japan: Mister Donut.

I often go here to study, because you can buy a coffee or a cafe latte, stay as long as you want, and get FREE REFILLS.
Now that may be a big deal anywhere, but in Japan it is a really big deal.

Today, in between One Direction and Justin Bieber and Adele I finally heard the most amazing song I never thought I would hear in a family donut restaurant:
Kendrick Lamar's "Alright"

Those are just some of the random and amazing songs I've heard, and I will keep you updated.
Thank you.

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