Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Japanese Sentence Structure

One thing I struggle with the Japanese language is the structure of the sentences.
It's almost literally backwards.
For example, in English you might say something like this:
"I am learning Japanese."
However in Japanese it's this:
which literally translates to "I, Japanese, am learning."

Here are some more examples:
If you want to say
"This is the shirt I bought in Hawaii last year"
you say:
which literally translates to:
"This, last year, in Hawaii, bought, a shirt"

Here's another:
If you want to say:
"I lost the umbrella that I just bought yesterday."
You say:
Which literally translates to:
"Yesterday, I bought, just bought, this umbrella, I lost."

Maybe you can see why it's so hard, because it's almost as if you have to piece all the information from backwards to forwards. This is not an easy task, especially in real time verbal communication with people. I feel as if I almost have to do math in my head, in order to piece the information correctly in my conversations in Japanese with people.

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  1. The sequence of the use of the subject, object and verb is different! Most important thing in How to Read Japanese easily.