Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 12

Vending machines in Japan are incredibly popular.
They are everywhere.
If there's one thing you know about me, it's that I love a tasty beverage.
So I made it my mission to try one of every drink in Japanese vending machines.
I think I've already tried at least 5 (?)
I told my coworker about this, and he said I would need to buy about 50 drinks a day to try every drink in Japanese vending machines because there are so many hahaha.
I don't think that's the case, but regardless there are a lot.

And there is one drink I have seen but have to try:

This is kind of an inside joke between my girlfriend and I, but just watch the commercials and see why this was one drink I vowed to try when I get to Japan:
So I still have yet to try Qoo but when I do it will be momentous.

Pictures will follow.

So here are some strange things I have noticed lately:
This was a sign I noticed at the train station.
Apparently you can't bring poison, snakes, or giant smelly trash bags full of diapers?
Also note: everything in Japan is a cartoon.
Literally every thing has a mascot. 
Every store has a mascot; even towns have their own mascots apparently. 
Note: Even the bottle of poison has a frowny face.

This is a sign I just noticed near my house called Sexy Prison (with a flag of the Phillipines?)
I have no idea what that's about, but it sounds intense and confusing.
There are also a couple of hotels near my place, that my girlfriend pointed out, saying they were "Love Hotels."
I asked "How do you know?"
And she said how they look, with a uncreative design, and that they just looked trashy.
For those that don't know, or can't guess, Love Hotels are hotels where you can rent the rooms for the hour. 
If you want some "alone" time with your girlfriend or boyfriend....or if you're a prostitute. 

Also, we were walking around Warabi (the town where I lived last night) and we walked past one shop and I saw a Cigar Store Indian, and I immediately did a double take and saw it and thought "What the heck is THAT doing in Japan?"
We then realized it was a....MEXICAN FOOD RESTUARANT. 
A Mexican food restaurant named "Los Borrachos" (The Drunks) of all things hahaha!
We looked inside and they had a wall full of pictures of Japanese people in Sombreros, it was hilarious. 
We WILL try it out, and let you know our thoughts of Mexican food in Japan.

My last thought:

Sometimes it's real tough to live in a country where you are illiterate.

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