Saturday, July 11, 2015

Gaijin Nod

Everytime you see another white person in Japan it's like that scene in "Fight club" where people from Fight Club recognize other people from Fight Club and they just smile and knowingly nod at each other. This scene:

It's called the Gaijin Nod.
Gaijin in Japan means foreigner.
I actually never really experienced the Gaijin Nod, but one night after doing some karaoke in Ikebukuro I had the most amazing Gaijin Nod.
One dude walking by my went out of his way to make sure I knew he was looking at me holding my girlfriends hand, and he just smiled with both his eyes and his face the same time. That was actually my first Gaijin Nod.
Actually I haven't seen that many other foreigners in Japan. I think Japan boasts a 1% immigrant population, or something like that. I think I've literally seen 20- 25 foreigners in the week that I've been here.  And most of them are like the other people: they just pretend to ignore you and avoid eye contact.
But when you see another foreigner you notice, and I'm sure they notice you too.
When you do make a connection, and do a gaijin nod, it is like you are smiling at each other saying "Look at this magical secret place that the whole world is missing out on."

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