Saturday, July 11, 2015

Excuse Me, How Do You Read This?

I am trying to track my progress in learning the Japanese Languages, and noticing first accomplishments I make.
Today I missed the train to work, so I had to look up new times to make sure I got to work on time.
I found one schedule that looked good, but I didn't recognize the kanji of the station.
So today was the first time I asked a stranger : すみませんこれわなんと読みますか。(excuse me, how do you read this?)
I felt so great when she responded "Ikebukuro."
It's little accomplishments like this you have to notice.
I started from ground zero in learning Japanese, and now I am in Japan having a small conversation with a stranger, it's actually pretty cool.

Here are some other things I noticed about Japan today:

They really do play Muzak in all the shopping malls, super markets, and book stores.
For those that don't know what Muzak is, it's basically elevator music.
Here's Urban dictionary definition:
"Muzak is background music played in stores, over phones on hold, etc. The term is also used to refer to various forms of popular music such as rock, pop, and rap, implying (correctly) that they are simplistic, crude, and lacking in artistic merit"
Here's an example of some Muzak you might here in a Japanese mall:

I was at a mall today and a Muzak version of Michelle Branch's "Everywhere" came on, followed by a Muzak version of "Game of Love" by Michelle Branch and Santana, followed by a Muzak version of "Walk Like An Egyptian" in the bookstore.

Also this is what I saw at the bookstore:

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