Saturday, July 11, 2015

English Words in Fashion

I've noticed a habit in Japan where Japanese people love to wear clothing with English words on them. However, the English is sometimes shockingly incorrect and can make little to no sense at times.
I remember at the school I was working at with kids some little girl was wearing a shirt that said something similar to "If you like fun, then do it, and it is."
The next day some kid was wearing green pants that said something about a "female mosquito."

Now my eyes are open and I'm on the look out for these things. 
Just today I was on a train and I saw some girl wearing a hat that said "It is not given up smoking."
I wanted to take a picture, but I thought it would be extremely rude if I had gotten caught. 
On another train I saw some old man with a designer bag that said "Pure trash, design free ego."
Then I saw some other older guy wearing a shirt that I had no idea what the rest of the message was but some of the words I saw were "Arizona try pirit," and then there was a marijuana leaf at the bottom.


I saw some guy with a cartoon of Snoop Dogg smoking, and the shirt said "Wake up, and start baking." 
I don't know about that one. 

Also there was this story I heard about a Japanese host of a children's show who got fired :

(Note the children with Nirvana T-shirts...I love this country and how it consumes culture)

Morning show Miburi TV is a children's dance program hosted by choreographer Sasuga Minami, who teaches new moves to children and wears a peculiar outfit with some very choice lingo. "Miburi" (身振り) means "gesture" in Japanese. The words on her outfit mean much more...Most baffling of all is that this doesn't look to be an outfit you can buy off the rack, but rather, it seems to have been created for the show. A costume that the show's host has worn several times since Miburi TV aired late last month."

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